Who We Are


"CEO2's approach is without question effective, the program is inspirational, and the results speak for themselves.
I would definitely hire them again.
       -Mark Strauch, former CEO, Business Engine  


Inspired by the vision of, “A World that Works because Business Works,” CEO2 empowers Conscious Leaders and their organizations to define, align and fulfill their unique Destiny through the limitless Spirit of human potential.

Frances Fujii and Tom VoccolaFounded in 1993 by former CEOs, and husband and wife team, Tom Voccola and Frances Fujii, CEO2 is a company born of their insatiable inquiry into what it takes to Create Extraordinary Organizations. The result of their inquiry is a trademarked human and business transformation model called CEOing™.

Cocreated by Voccola and Fujii, CEOingTM was perfected over two decades of trial and error application in real businesses with the help of many CEOs and their organizations. CEOing™ is a self-renewing system that quickly leverages what CEOs already have to build the companies they’ve always wanted - and do it faster, and without the trauma that typically accompanies a shift of such magnitude. 

CEO2 offers whole-system engagements of 18 to 24 months, and serves mid-sized companies, including clients throughout the United States, Europe and Japan in industries that range from technology to financial services, and telecommunications to real estate.

If the company is run by people, CEO2 can help the people master themselves, their relationships and their businesses. 

CEO2 delivers on its corporate promise, generating new business growth that is 95% fueled by referrals, with clients reporting their own  average return on investment of 3 to 1. That success is paving the way for Boise, Idaho based CEO2 to expand its reach globally through a consultant force prepared to guide the next generation of CEOs worldwide to master CEOing™ - the art and science of Creating Extraordinary Organizations.